4 Joint-Friendly Exercise Activities


Exercise is an important part of being healthy, but in Florida, the heat is a big deterrent to outside exercise. Plus, if you have joint pain or want to protect or joints, your options are even more limited. But the good news is there are activities for you that give you a workout and protect you from the heat. Here are 4 joint-friendly, indoor exercises that don’t require going to the gym:


Because you’re moving through water when you swim, the aerobic motion is low impact but also raises your heart rate. Doing laps, treading water, or walking through water are all great ways to build cardio strength. If you don’t have a pool at home, the YMCA on Sleepy Hill Rd. has an outdoor pool, and the YMCA on Cleveland Heights has two indoor pools. You can also check out the public swimming pools in Lakeland. Swimming is a great way to get your heart pumping, keep you cool, and protect your joints!


As you can probably remember from being a kid, bicycles can give you a workout. But cycling is also good for your knees because it strengthens the muscles without damaging the joint. You can buy a cycling machine if you want to fork out the dough to exercise indoors, or you can buy a bicycle for much less and let the breeze be your air conditioner. Lake Hollingsworth and Lake Mirror are both cycler-friendly, and the Carter Road Trail offers a longer cycling path. Either way, your heart and your knees will thank you.

Pushups and Planks

You can find all kinds of exercise routines on Pinterest and Google, and many of them include pushups and planks. That’s because these exercises are great for working out your heart while going easy on your joints. Not only do they strengthen your biceps and triceps, they also build your abs, deltoids, neck muscles, and back muscles. Probably the best part about these exercises is that you can adapt them to your level. If you’re a beginner, put your knees on the ground for pushups and for planks, start with your elbows extended. Plus, both of the exercises are indoor exercises that don’t expose you to the heat.


If you’ve never tried it, you may not think yoga is really exercise or that you have to meditate when you do the poses. But even beginning yoga poses are designed to build strength, flexibility, and balance. Almost every pose works out multiple muscle groups and really gets your heart pumping. And depending on where you do yoga, meditation is not required if you don’t want it. Yoga is also good for your joints since, like cycling, it’s low impact and builds strength in the muscles that support your joints. For the added community aspect, you can join a yoga class. Some local places that offer yoga include Yoga Pointe, Satya Life, or The Balance Culture. Or you can look up “beginning yoga routines” on Pinterest and choose which one suits you best.

I hope at least one of these exercise activities works for your body and schedule so you can lead a healthy lifestyle in Lakeland. If you want more information on Lakeland or are thinking of moving, feel free to contact me! Shoot me an email, call me at (863) 450-8847, contact me through social media, or download my mobile app. Looking forward to hearing from you!