4 Florida Crops To Enjoy This Summer


We all know about Florida’s famous strawberries - there’s a whole festival named after the fruit! But the Florida soil grows all kinds of delicious crops, and if you live in the area, you can pick the crops yourself and enjoy them all summer. Here are 4 other crops to enjoy this Florida summer.


These little berries are a lesser-known highlight of Florida summers. Enjoy them fresh in desserts like Trifle or over pancakes, dry them to munch with nuts for a healthy snack, or freeze them for later use. And picking blueberries off the bush is a little easier on the back than picking low-growing strawberries. For locations offering blueberries, check out the Orlando Sentinel's recent article.

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Florida oranges are almost as well-known as Florida strawberries, but did you know you can pick these yourself, too? Oranges are a delicious addition to fruit salad or your breakfast plate, and juicing them yields fresh, pulpy orange juice that Tropicana can’t beat. Showcase of Citrus is a fun place to u-pick oranges and create memories for the whole family.


You may not be familiar with this delicious tropical fruit, and if not, it’s time you’re introduced. Freshly-picked guavas may smell less than appetizing, but once you peel and deseed them, the taste will be worth it. Guavas are best either fresh in smoothies or chopped finely in fruit salad, or cooked in guava cobbler. Guava paste also makes a delicious snack with cream cheese on crackers. Although guavas are native to Florida, finding a place to pick them may be difficult. But you can buy them fresh from several local markets around central Florida.


There’s nothing quite like a firm, sweet peach. Here in Florida, you can get fresh peaches for less than grocery store prices. Peaches make the perfect sweet treat with some cream and sugar, and are the perfect addition to a smoothie. But let’s be honest - they’re probably best right by themselves. Check out Ridge Island Groves, Oponay Farms, and Thayer Farms to see u-pick dates and prices.

Now that strawberry season is almost over, you don’t have to be sad - there are so many other fresh fruits and vegetables you can enjoy in central Florida! These 4 crops are only the beginning. If you want more information about the area, feel free to contact me! You can reach me through email, phone at (863) 450-8847, social media, or my mobile app. I’d love to hear from you!