4 Activities That Keep You Out of the Summer Heat


Are you ready for summer, Lakelanders? You better get that way, because the heat is on its way to stay. Of course, there are plenty of outdoor activities in Lakeland if you don’t mind the heat, but today I’m sharing 4 fun activities around Lakeland you can do indoors this summer.

1. Test your mental skills at Escapology.

Escapology is a live escape game in Lakeland with 4 games for you to enjoy while staying cool indoors. The Cuban Crisis game is set in the 1960’s Cold War era, and your mission is to solve the clues to prevent a nuclear war between the U.S. and The Soviet Union. In the Budapest Express game, a murder has been committed on the train you’re traveling on, and you must follow the clues to discover who the perpetrator is. The Antidote game sets you in the middle of a race to find the antidote for viruses that could wipe out the entire world. And in Th3 Cod3 game, you must stop the hacker “Nitr0” from spreading a computer virus to drain millions of dollars out of U.S. bank accounts. Get more info about the Escapology escape games at their website.

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2. Fly high at 2Infinity Extreme Air Sports.

If mind games isn’t your thing, you can get physical activity, too, while staying out of the heat. 2Infinity Extreme Air Sports has all variations of trampolines and foam pits where you can fly high and land safely. Have you ever played dodgeball on a trampline? What about having a  basketball dunking tournament you could actually win? The games 2Infinity offers include Extreme Dodgeball, the Ninja Obstacle Course, Air Dunk, Trapeze and Slack Line. Get prices, hours, and more information at their website

3. Take some classes at the library

Did you know the Lakeland Library has free classes on tons of interesting topics? You can find out more about your family history and learn the basics of geneology sites with their Beginning Geneology class. In their EKEX: The EKphrasis EXperience, you can work on your writing and photography skills and connect with other local artists. There are storytimes for young children, improv and movie nights for teens and youth, and tech, coloring, and crocheting classes for adults. With all these options, the library will become one of your new favorite places! You can see the full calendar here.

4. See classic and local movies at the Polk Theatre.

The historical Polk Theatre is a great place to visit and explore the innovative present and rich past of Lakeland. You can see classic movies like Gone With the Wind, catch cutting-edge films like Final Portrait, and indie, Lakeland-produced films like At the End of the Day. See all their upcoming events and film showings on their calendar

Lakeland may have hot temperatures in the summer, but that doesn’t have to keep you at home! I hope these ideas have given you ideas for how you can enjoy the summer while staying out of the heat. As always, if you have any questions about the Lakeland community or the real estate market, I’d love to hear from you! Contact me through email, phone at (863) 450-8847, social media, or my mobile app.